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Important Dates in Apple Mac History

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A handful of the most important Macs and Apple devices introduced each month from 1984 to the present are highlighted below.

For all Macs and Mac clones introduced in a particular year -- notable or otherwise --'s By Year listing may be of interest and the Ultimate Mac Timeline may be of interest as well. iPod, iPhone and iPad devices also have their own By Year listing and a corresponding Ultimate iTimeline, too.

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Particularly notable dates in Apple History from each month include:


Original iPhone Mac Plus Macintosh SE/30 Original Mac Original iPad

January 9, 2007: The original iPhone.

January 16, 1986: The Mac Plus, the first SCSI Mac.

January 19, 1989: The Macintosh SE/30, often dubbed the best Mac ever.

January 24, 1984: The one and only original Mac.

January 27, 2010: The original iPad.


iMac G4 Color Classic PowerBook G3 Vertegri Mac mini

February 4, 2003: The iMac G4/1.0 17-Inch, the first iMac to reach 1 GHz.

February 10, 1993: The still loved Color Classic.

February 16, 2000: The "Pismo" PowerBook G3, with expansion unequalled by later 'books.

February 22, 1997: The only attempt at a 604e-powered Mac clone portable, courtesy of Vertegri.

February 28, 2006: The first Intel-powered Mac mini models.


Mac II eMate Mac IIfx iPod Touch Wheel Radius

March 2, 1987: The Macintosh II, the first color and expandable "Open Mac."

March 7, 1997: The translucent, kid friendly eMate.

March 19, 1990: The then wicked fast Macintosh IIfx.

March 21, 2002: The iPod "Touch Wheel," the first Windows iPod.

March 27, 1995: Radius's System 100, the beginning of the official Mac clone era.


PowerBook 2400c Original Mac PowerComputing 17-Inch MacBook Pro eMac

April 7, 1998: The Japan-exclusive PowerBook 2400c/240 subnotebook.

April 14, 1986: The 800k-equipped Macintosh 512ke.

April 17, 1995: The first line of PowerComputing Mac clones.

April 24, 2006: The first MacBook Pro with a 17" display.

April 29, 2002: The then education-only original eMac.


Pioneer MPC Original iMac PowerBook 2400c PowerBook 520 PowerBook 500c

May 1, 1995: Pioneer's first Mac clone, the MPC-GX1 (yes, that Pioneer).

May 6, 1998: The original iMac using a then unique translucent case.

May 8, 1997: The groundbreaking 4.4 pound PowerBook 2400c subnotebook.

May 16, 2006: The original MacBook.

May 30, 1994: The Japan-exclusive PowerBook 550c, the fastest 68k notebook.


Power Mac G3 Blue iPhone 4 Aluminum Mac mini Power Mac G5 LC 520

June 1, 1999: The Blue Power Mac G3/450, the fastest Apple G3 tower.

June 7, 2010: The groundbreaking iPhone 4.

June 15, 2010: The first aluminum Mac mini.

June 23, 2003: The original "cheese grater" Power Mac G5 models.

June 28, 1993: The LC 520, the first all-in-one LC model.


iMac F4 Flat-Panel Power Mac G4 Cube Clamshell iBook Quadra 840AV StarMax Pro 6000

July 17, 2002: The iMac G4/800 17" FP, the first iMac with a 17" display.

July 19, 2000: The beautiful, but underappreciated, Power Mac G4 Cube.

July 21, 1999: The original "Clamshell" iBook, the first 'Book with AirPort.

July 29, 1993: The then lightning fast Quadra 840AV, the fastest 68k Mac.

July 30, 1997: The monster StarMax Pro 6000 Mac clone.


Performa 5400/180 DE Original Newton Mac Pro Mac Pro Mac Pro

August 1, 1996: The black clad Performa 5400/180 DE in Australia.

August 3, 1993: The original Newton MessagePad.

August 7, 2006: The first Mac Pro.

August 28, 1995: The PowerBook Duo 2300c/100, the final Duo.

August 31, 2004: The first iMac G5.


Assistive Tech Freestyle First iPod touch Original iPod nano Fat Mac Mac IIci

September 1, 1997: Assistive Tech released a System 7.5-powered touchscreen tablet.

September 5, 2007: The first iPod touch.

September 7, 2005: The original iPod nano.

September 10, 1984: The "Fat Mac" 512k.

September 20, 1989: The long-lived and popular Macintosh IIci.


iMac Slot-Loading Mac Classic Power Mac G5 Quad First iPod Macintosh TV

October 5, 1999: The slot-loading iMac, the first iMac to be convection cooled.

October 15, 1990: The Mac Classic, the first sub-US$1000 Mac.

October 19, 2005: The final Power Mac G5.

October 23, 2001: The original iPod.

October 25, 1993: The still coveted black all-in-one Mac TV.


Newton MessagePad 2100 Kanga PowerBook G3 20-Inch iMac G4 20-Inch iMac G4 PowerBook 1400

November 7, 1997: The final Newton MessagePad via the short-lived Newton, Inc.

November 10, 1997: The first PowerBook G3, codenamed "Kanga."

November 15, 1996: The Power Mac 4400, notable for many standard parts, a first.

November 18, 2003: The 20" iMac G4, the final "lamp" iMac model.

November 20, 1996: The PowerBook 1400, the only 'Book with BookCovers.


Historically, Apple never has made a major introduction during the month of December. Enjoy the holiday season!

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