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iPod Q&A - Updated November 3, 2006

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What is the difference between the red iPod nano and the standard second generation iPod nano?

Please note that all iPod models mentioned in this Q&A have been discontinued.

As first scooped by rumor sites Mac Rumors and AppleInsider, and corroborated within hours by the Chicago Tribune (article no longer online), on October 13, 2006, Apple released a red second generation iPod nano as part of Bono's (PRODUCT) RED campaign.

Photo Credit: Apple Computer

Readers not familiar with the (PRODUCT) RED initiative may be interested in reading the "manifesto" (later renamed a more corporate standard "About" page), but the general idea is that consumers can purchase specially branded products or services and the company profiting will donate a small portion of the proceeds to the The Global Fund for the purchase of AIDS medication in Africa.

Officially dubbed the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition, it has a red housing and a white clickwheel but is otherwise identical to the Second Generation iPod nano. On October 13, 2006, Apple introduced a 4 GB configuration for US$199, and on November 3, 2006, the company rolled out an 8 GB configuration for US$249. The 4 GB and 8 GB configurations of the Second Generation iPod nano also sell for US$199 and US$249, respectively.

With the purchase of either (PRODUCT) RED configuration, Apple contributed US$10 to The Global Fund.

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