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Mac Systems: Apple: Newton MessagePad (Series): Newton MessagePad (Original) Specs

Apple Newton MessagePad

The original Apple Newton MessagePad features a 20 MHz ARM 610 processor, 4 MB of ROM, 640k of SRAM (150k usable), and infrared-beaming capabilities in a compact handheld case with a 336x240 pressure-sensitive monochrome display for use with a provided stylus. The original Newton MessagePad was one of the first handheld systems, or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), to attempt to recognize natural handwriting and use a basic form of artificial intelligence to 'tie' relevant information together. The Newton MessagePad models are technically not 'Macs', as they do not operate the MacOS, and instead use the NewtonOS (also developed by Apple).

Introduction Date: August 3, 1993 Discontinued Date: March 4, 1994
Processor Type: ARM 610 Processor Speed: 20 MHz
Processor Upgrade: N/A FPU (Integrated): N/A
System Bus Speed: N/A Lookaside Bus Speed: N/A
ROM Size: 4 MB Data Path: N/A
Level 1 Cache: None Level 2 Cache: None
RAM Type: Built-in VRAM Type: Built-in
Standard SRAM: 640k/150k 1. Maximum SRAM: 640k/150k 1.
Motherboard SRAM: 640k/150k 1. RAM Slots: None
Standard VRAM: N/A Maximum VRAM: N/A
Standard Hard Drive: None 2. Int. Hard Drive Type: N/A
Standard CD-ROM: None Standard Disk: None 2.
Standard Modem: 9.6k (internal) 3. Standard Ethernet: None
Case Type: Handheld Form Factor: MessagePad (OMP)
Exp. Slots: 1 PCMCIA (Type II) 4. Exp. Bays (Free): N/A
Battery Type: 4 AAA/NiCad Recharge Battery Life: 5-10 hours 5.
Built-in Display: 336x240 B&W 6. Supported NewtonOS: 1.0, 1.1, 1.1.1
Dimensions: 7.25 x 4.5 x 0.75 7. Avg. Weight: 0.9 lbs.
Original Price: $700 US Est. Current Price: N/A
Notes: 1. 640k of SRAM, 150k of which can be used for storage.
The PCMCIA slot can be used to increase 'storage' space.
Optional internal 9600 bps modem.
This model also includes a LocalTalk-compatible serial and infrared port.
5. Approximately 5-10 hours continuous use (1-2 weeks "average" use).
6. 336x240 pressure-sensitive monochrome display.
7. In inches, height x width x depth (with screen facing up).
8. Photo Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.

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