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Hello. is the complete guide to every Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac clone in the world, with technical, configuration, and pricing info. Get specs on every Mac, answer your Mac questions, compare Macs side-by-side, lookup Macs, and more!

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Don't miss's Ultimate Mac Lookup -- lookup Mac specs by Order Number, Model Number, EMC Number, Model ID, Serial Number and more.

For answers about popular Apple hardware, see the Retina MacBook Pro Q&A and MacBook Air Q&A as well as the iPod Q&A, iPhone Q&A and iPad Q&A.

For info on other Apple products, be sure to see the Recent Apple System Q&As and Recent Apple Specs. For vintage Apple specs, hit All Apple Specs.

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Recent Apple Specs: organizes specs on all Macs -- from the original 128k to the current models -- By Series, Year, Processor & Case Type. Recent models are below:

Select the system of interest for complete technical specs on the entire series.



Mac Pro


MacBook Pro


Power Mac G5


MacBook Air

Mac mini

Power Mac G4


PowerBook G4

Apple TV



For specs on older Macs listed by series, see All Apple Specs. For just current models, Current Macs is exactly what you need.

Select the year of interest for complete specs on all Macs released that year.


For specs on older Macs -- as well as Mac clones -- listed by year from 1984 to the present, see All Years. iPods, iPhones & iPads By Year also may be useful.

Select a processor of interest for complete specs on all Macs powered by that chip.

Core Duo
Core i7
Core 2 Duo
Core i3
PowerPC G5
Core i5
PowerPC G4

For specs on Macs with other processors, see All Processors. iPods, iPhones & iPads By Processor also may be useful.

Select a case type for complete specs on G3 and later Macs that use the case.

Notebook All-in-One Cube/Cuboid Tower

For less common case types and pre-G3 Macs by case type, see All Case Types. also lists G3 and later Macs all on one page By Identifier and Capability and By Original Price (MSRP) for Intel Macs in 24 countries. Popular listings are below:

Select the identifier of interest for a full list of G3 and later Macs and the corresponding identifier of each system. Complete specs are just a click away.

Model Identifier Model Number Order Number Apple Subfamily

Also refer to All Identifiers and iPods, iPhones & iPads By Identifier. For more help, see Mac Identification and iPod, iPhone & iPad Identification.

To lookup a Mac by an identifier, see's Ultimate Mac Lookup.

Select the capability of interest for a full list of G3 and later Macs and the corresponding capability of each system.

Actual Max RAM
Processor Socket
Main Display
Second Display
USB & Firewire
Max Mac OS
Mac OS 9

For more capabilities, be sure to see All Capabilities. Additionally, iPods, iPhones & iPads By Capability may be useful as well.

To sort Macs by multiple capabilities, see's Ultimate Mac Sort.

Select a country of interest for a list of Intel Macs and the original price of each.

United States
United Kingdom

For the original prices of Intel Macs in other countries -- 24 in total -- see All Countries. Global Original Prices for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad lines may help, too.

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