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21 December 2016

This update of adds the latest details to the Actual Max Mac RAM, Mac Answers, and Mac Benchmarks sections of the site as well as a Popular Q&As page that reveals some of the most frequently read Q&As of the year.'s Ultimate Mac Lookup and the EveryMac app have been updated, too.

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If you missed it previously, be sure to also see the recently enhanced EveryMac Lookup API. For trustworthy humans who would like to save time and use's Ultimate Mac Lookup without a captcha, there now is a simplified bookmark format and a downloadable file for easy one-click access to captcha-free functionality.

For quality businesses, the EveryMac Lookup API now provides programmers access to our own stable internal "EveryMac ID" identifier. As the EveryMac ID refers to each model -- and only that model -- it makes it easy to let "translate" whatever Apple identifier an employee or customer types in and then connect the result by EveryMac ID into your own system.'s Ultimate Mac Lookup and the EveryMac app have been updated with additional identifiers for Macs and devices from hands-on inspection and submissions by helpful readers. Thank you very much to those who contributed info from recent purchases. It's appreciated always.

Popular Q&As

Five of the most popular Q&As in 2016 include:

  • What are all the differences between the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7? Which is best for me?
  • How do you upgrade or replace the storage in the 13-Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro models? Is it the same storage and process as the 15-Inch model? Is it possible?
  • What are all the differences between the 9.7" iPad Pro and 12.9" iPad Pro? Which is best for my needs?
  • What are all the differences between the current "Retina" MacBook and the models replaced?
  • How do you upgrade the RAM in the pre-Retina MacBook Pro models? What type of RAM do they use? How much RAM does each model actually support?

For 20 additional popular Q&As of the year, please refer to the Popular Q&As section.

Additions & Changes:

Added a new Popular Q&As section with 25 of the most popular Q&As of 2016.

Updated site features:

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