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12 September 2014 is pleased to launch the all new "EveryMac 2.0" webapp for the iOS and Android.

The EveryMac 2.0 webapp has been completely rewritten to significantly improve performance, particularly on slower iOS and Android devices. Thats not all, though. It also features increased optimization for a variety of display sizes -- including the forthcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus -- as well as enhanced lookup capabilities, a streamlined comparison function, and more.

On the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, the EveryMac 2.0 webapp maintains a "classic" iOS look-and-feel for those running iOS 5 and iOS 6 and provides a modern look-and-feel for those running iOS 7 and iOS 8. On Android, the EveryMac 2.0 webapp now has a modern, Android-specific look-and-feel, too.

Whether for the iOS or Android, the EveryMac webapp makes it simple to browse Macs and devices by series, year, processor, and more; lookup systems by precise identifiers; filter systems on category screens; filter details within individual specs screens; compare Macs with a "swipe" of the finger; and save personal lists of your systems.

To install the EveryMac webapp on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad -- running iOS 5 or newer -- click the "Launch the EveryMac App" link on the EveryMac app details page using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and follow the "Add to Home Screen" instructions.

To install the EveryMac webapp for Android, visit Google Play and click the "Install" button.

If version 2 is not yet available via Google Play where you are, please try again later. It can take many hours for Android software to "percolate" around the world. If you find and the EveryMac app helpful, it also would be greatly appreciated if you would provide a kind five-star review on Google Play, as well. Thank you.

It is hoped that you enjoy this major enhancement to the EveryMac app and find it even more useful than before. With your continued patronage of the companies that sponsor the site, and the EveryMac app will be able to serve you for years to come.

As always, please tell all your Mac-using, iPod-wearing, iPhone-packing, and iPad-toting friends about as well as the EveryMac app.

Additions & Changes:

Added a completely rewritten "EveryMac 2.0" Mac specs app for the iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices.

Updated site features:

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