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Apple Macs & Mac Clones - By Processor/CPU

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Complete technical details on every Apple Mac and Mac clone as well as iPod, iPhone, and iPad follow, organized by processor type.

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Pre-PowerPC-Based Macs & Early Mac Clones







PowerPC-Based Macs & Mac Clones

PowerPC 601

PowerPC 603

PowerPC 603e

PowerPC 604

PowerPC 604e

PowerPC "G3" (Clones)

PowerPC "G3" (Apple)

PowerPC "G4"

PowerPC "G5"

Intel-Based Macs

Core Solo

Core Duo

Core 2 Duo

Core i3

Core i5

Core i7

Core M

Core m3

Core m5

Core m7



Other Systems (Handheld & Tablet Devices)

ARM 610/ARM 710a

StrongARM 110

Portal Player


Samsung ARM

Apple A4

Apple A5

Apple A5X

Apple A6

Apple A6X

Apple A7

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