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MacOS-Compatible Systems: NuTek

NuTek made an inexpensive, reverse-engineered line of semi-MacOS-Compatible computers from early 1993 to early 1994.

The NuTek line of computers could not run the MacOS, but instead used a proprietary NuTek operating system and ROM that had "limited support" for AppleTalk, was able to run some Macintosh control panels and "most" applications, as well as support some Macintosh SCSI devices and NuBus cards. The NuTek series was said to outperform a Macintosh IIvx, when it performed at all, but NuTek had so many software and hardware compatibility problems, particularly with NuBus cards, that even with such a low price it was unappealing to most.

If anything, NuTek proved that uncontrolled "cloning" of the Macintosh would result in the same type of compatibility problems familiar to the Wintel world. NuTek went out of business in 1994.

NuTek: Semi-MacOS



33 MHz 68030


33 MHz 68030

Special thanks to Dave Killeffer, who first informed me of NuTek as well as gathering much of the information on their "Semi-MacOS-Compatible" series.

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