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Apple Displays: AppleVision/ColorSync Series: AppleVision/ColorSync 750 Display Specs

AppleVision/ColorSync 750

The AppleVision/ColorSync 750 Display, released in conjunction with the Power Macintosh 8600/250, Power Macintosh 8600/300, Power Macintosh 9600/300, and Power Macintosh 9600/350, and effectively a less expensive version of the AppleVision/ColorSync 750AV withouth the "multimedia extras", features a color 17.0" (16.1" viewable area) Trinitron CRT (0.25 aperture grill/0.26 dot pitch). On March 11, 1998, Apple changed the name of this display from AppleVision 750 to ColorSync 750 as it "more effectively communicates the advantages of the systems' color calibration capabilities to customers". 

Introduction Date: August 5, 1997 Discontinued Date: November 10, 1998? 1.
Display Type: Trinitron CRT Size (Viewable): 17.0" (16.1")
Max. Display Colors: 16.7 Million DPI: 50-102 2.
Brightness: N/A 3. Viewing Angle: N/A 3.
Contrast Ratio: N/A 3. Dot/Pixel Pitch: 0.26 mm
Display Cable: DB-15 Built-in Audio: None
Power: 130 Watts 4. Supported MacOS: 7.1+ 5.
Dimensions: 16.8 x 16.2 x 17.6 6. Weight: 49.0 lbs.
Original Price: $999 US? 1. Est. Current Price: N/A
Resolution Support: 640x480 (31.5-34.97 kHz Hor. Scan, 60-66.67 Hz Ver. Scan, 50 DPI)
800x600 (37.9-46.9 kHz Hor. Scan, 60.31-75 Hz Ver. Scan, 62 DPI)
832x624 (49.7 kHz Hor. Scan, 74.55 Hz Ver. Scan, 65 DPI)
1024x768 (48.4-60.2 kHz Hor. Scan, 60-74.93 Hz Ver. Scan, 80 DPI)
1152x870 (68.7 kHz Hor. Scan, 75 Hz Ver. Scan, 90 DPI)
1280x1024 (64.3-79.9 kHz Hor. Scan, 60-75 Hz Ver. Scan, 102 DPI)
Notes: 1. If you can confirm this information, please share. Thanks.
Please refer to "Resolution Support" (above) for details.
This information only applies to LCD-based (flat-panel) displays.
4. 444.6 BTU per hour, 100-120/220-240 Voltage, 50-60 Hz Freq.
5. Requires System 7.5 or higher for full functionality.
6. In inches, height x width x depth.
7. Photo Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.

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