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Power Macintosh G5 Q&A - Revised December 11, 2006

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What monitors were designed for use with the Power Mac G5?

Although the majority of CRT and LCD-based monitors will work, perhaps with adapters depending on the model, Apple originally sold three LCD flat-panel displays, introduced previously, but intended to be used with the Power Macintosh G5 series -- the 17" Apple Studio Display, 20" Apple Cinema Display, and 23" Apple Cinema Display HD. All three of these displays use the ADC (Apple Display Connector), which carries analog and digital video signals, USB data, and power in the same cable to ensure a pure signal with minimal clutter.

On June 28, 2004, Apple introduced three new aesthetically-matching LCD flat-panel displays housed in "an all new aluminum design with a very thin bezel, suspended by an aluminum stand with an adjustable hinge that makes tilting the display almost effortless" and equipped with dual FireWire "400" and dual USB 2.0 ports -- the 20" Apple Cinema Display (Al), the 23" Apple Cinema Display (Al), and the 30" Apple Cinema Display (Al). Rather than using the convenient but proprietary ADC (Apple Display Connector), these displays use industry-standard DVI (Digital Video Interface) and consequently are compatible with all DVI-equipped Macs, as well as properly equipped Windows PCs.

Also see: What graphics cards are provided by the Power Mac G5? Which have ADC ports and which have DVI ports? What is the maximum supported resolution on a primary and secondary display?

What is "optical digital audio in/out"? What is SPIDF?

Apple reports that:

The state-of-the-art optical digital audio in and out ports use the S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) protocol over Toslink cables for connecting to devices such as decks, receivers, digital instruments, and even 5.1 surround-sound speaker systems.

Who designed the Power Mac G5?

Apple's industrial design for the last several years has been performed entirely in-house by Apple's Industrial Design Group, led by Jonathan Ive.

Where can I buy a Power Mac G5?

There are any number of places to purchase a used Mac. Site sponsor Operator Headgap Systems specializes in souped-up used systems, including Power Mac G5 models, that are capable of running both the latest MacOS X applications and older MacOS 9 applications.

To purchase upgrades, please visit site sponsor Other World Computing, which sells video cards, hard drives, memory, and more for the Power Macintosh G5 and every other Mac.

What are the default configurations of the Power Mac G5?

For the default configurations of every Power Macintosh G5, as well as details on a variety of upgrade options available at the time of purchase, please refer to the specs page for the model of interest.

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