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Pre-Intel Mac Upgrade Card Specs - By Compatible System

Technical specifications for a huge number of pre-Intel Macintosh compatible processor upgrade cards is provided below organized by compatible computer.

Please note that the Pre-Intel Macintosh Processor Upgrade Cards section of was "archived" on April 4, 2005. There were some additional upgrade cards released after this point, but covers the "heyday" of such processor upgrades below.

Apple Macintosh "Classic" Series

Mac SE


Mac SE/30

Mac Color Classic

Mac Color Classic II


Apple Macintosh II/LC Series

Macintosh II

Macintosh IIcx

Macintosh IIci

Macintosh IIsi

Macintosh IIvi

Macintosh IIvx

Macintosh LC

Macintosh LC II

Macintosh LC III/III+

Macintosh LC 520

Macintosh LC 550


Apple Macintosh Performa Series

Mac Performa 250/275

Mac Performa 400-430

Mac Performa 450-467

Mac Performa 520-560

Mac Performa 600

Mac Performa 5400

Mac Performa 5500

Mac Performa 6100

Mac Performa 6360

Mac Performa 6400

20th Anniversary Mac


Apple Macintosh Centris/Quadra Series

Mac Centris 610

Mac Centris 650

Mac Quadra 610

Mac Quadra 650

Mac Quadra 660AV

Mac Quadra 700

Mac Quadra 800

Mac Quadra 900

Mac Quadra 950

Apple Power Macintosh Series

Power Mac 4400

Power Mac 5400

Power Mac 5500

Power Mac 6100

Power Mac 6400

Power Mac 6500

Power Mac 7100

Power Mac 7200

Power Mac 7220

Power Mac 7300

Power Mac 7500

Power Mac 7600

Power Mac 8100

Power Mac 8200

Power Mac 8500

Power Mac 8600

Power Mac 9500

Power Mac 9600

Apple Power Macintosh G3/G4 & iMac G3 Series

Power Mac G3

Power Mac G3 (Blue)

iMac G3

Power Mac G4 (PCI)

Power Mac G4 (AGP)


Apple PowerBook Series

PowerBook 1400

PowerBook 2400

.PowerBook G3

NuBus-Based MacOS-Compatibles

MacWare PowerUser

Pioneer MPC-GX1

PowerCC Power

Radius System



Nitro/Tsunami-Based MacOS-Compatibles

Akia MicroBook 604e

Centro HL MacOS

DayStar MP/MP+

DynaTec MacOS

Gravis Gravision TT

Hardware Research Mac

Mactell XB-Pro/G3

MacWorks Millennium

Marathon RackMac TS

MaxxBoxx 860/960

Pios Magna

PowerCC PowerWave

PowerCC PowerTwr Pro

PowerDome 4200 TS

PowerEx StepMac

PowerTools X-Force

Storm Surge

Umax SuperMac S900

Umax SuperMac J700

VP PowerMaxPro G3


Tanzania-Based MacOS-Compatibles

APS M*Power

Centralen Norrland Reid

ComJet PowerCity


Gravis Gravision Four

Intl. Computer IC

Mactell XB (I)

MacWay StarWay

Marathon RackMac TZ

Motorola StarMax 3000

Motorola StarMax 4000

Pios Keenya

PowerDome 4200

PowerTools Infinity

RedBox Expression

Shaye 200

Storm Challenger

Tatung TPC

Umax SuperMac Aegis

Vertegri QuickTower

VisionPower PowerExp.

Alchemy-Based MacOS-Compatibles

Akia MicroBook 603e

Gravis Gravision MT

Mactell Twister/Typhoon

PowerCC PowerBase

Storm Mercury

Umax SuperMac C500

Umax SuperMac C600



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