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iPhone Q&A - Updated October 7, 2016

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Does the iPhone have a SIM card? Which iPhone models use which types of SIM cards? How do you remove the SIM card?

All iPhone models -- with the exception of the iPhone 4 (CDMA) (A1349) -- use SIM cards, but the type and size varies significantly between models.

Specifically, the iPhone models use these SIM card types:

iPhone Model

SIM Card Type

Original iPhone

Mini SIM

iPhone 3G

Mini SIM

iPhone 3GS

Mini SIM

iPhone 4 (GSM)

Micro SIM

iPhone 4S

Micro SIM

iPhone 5

Nano SIM

iPhone 5c

Nano SIM

iPhone 5s

Nano SIM

iPhone 6

Nano SIM

iPhone 6 Plus

Nano SIM

iPhone 6s

Nano SIM

iPhone 6s Plus

Nano SIM

iPhone SE

Nano SIM

iPhone 7

Nano SIM

iPhone 7 Plus

Nano SIM

The difference between Mini SIM, which often is just called a SIM card, as well as the newer Micro SIM and Nano SIM standards largely is size.

If you are not sure which iPhone you have, see's iPhone Identification section.

How to Remove iPhone SIM Card

The SIM card in all applicable iPhone models can be removed with an unfolded paper clip or the SIM eject tool that shipped with the iPhone itself, as shown below:

Photo Credit: MacLife Magazine (Original iPhone)

It also is worth noting that the hole to push out the SIM card is on the bottom of the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS and is on the right hand side toward the middle of the device for the GSM-equipped iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4S and all subsequent models.

How can I upgrade from an older iPhone to a new iPhone?

Apple has posted a useful support document that covers upgrading from an older iPhone model to a new one. This document provides step-by-step instructions to backup your older iPhone and restore the backup to the new model, which allows one to seamlessly migrate "saved SMS messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings".

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