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iPod Q&A - Revised October 5, 2007

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What are the differences between the U2 Special Edition iPod models and the standard iPod models? What are the differences between U2 Special Edition iPods?

Please note that all iPod models mentioned in this Q&A have been discontinued. The last U2 iPod was discontinued on September 5, 2007.

There are four different U2 Special Edition iPod models, each with widely differing capabilities. However, each of the U2 models -- the iPod U2 (4th Gen), iPod U2 (Color), iPod U2 (5th Gen/Video), and iPod U2 (5th Gen Enhanced) -- are the same internally as the "standard" iPod model available at the time, and the U2 models vary only in case design and cost.

The iPod U2 (4th Gen)

The original U2 iPod -- the iPod U2 (4th Gen) -- is internally the same as the 20 GB configuration of the iPod (4th Generation), but uses a case with a black front, a red "Clickwheel", and laser-etched signatures of the U2 band members on the stainless steel back. It shipped with an "exclusive" U2 poster, a US$50-off coupon for "The Complete U2" downloadable "box set", and the standard white iPod earbuds. It cost US$50 more than the standard iPod (4th Gen).

The iPod U2 (Color)

The second U2 iPod -- the iPod U2 (Color) -- is internally identical to the 20 GB configuration of the iPod (with Color Display). It uses a slightly thicker (.06 inches) version of the original U2 iPod case complete with black front, red "ClickWheel", and laser etched signed stainless steel back, but most notably adds a color display. It also shipped with the same poster, coupon, and earbuds, but only cost US$30 more than the standard iPod (with Color Display).

The U2 (5th Gen & 5th Gen Enhanced)

The third and fourth U2 Special Edition iPods -- the iPod U2 (5th Gen/Video), and iPod U2 (5th Gen Enhanced) -- are internally identical to the iPod Fifth Generation (with Video) and iPod Fifth Generation (Enhanced), respectively, but each cost US$30 more than the standard models. Externally, both have a red "ClickWheel" and a "gloss black metal" rear case (featuring laser-etched autographs of the U2 band members like the other U2 models).

For your convenience, the most notable differences between the U2 models are summarized in this handy chart. For all specs, please refer to the appropriate specs page for the particular model of interest.

iPod U2 4th Gen Color 5th Gen 5th Gen Enhanced
Hard Drive: 20 GB 20 GB 30 GB 30 GB
Display: Grayscale Color (65,536) Full Color Full Color
Resolution: 160x128 220x176 320x240 320x240
Song Capacity: 5000 5000 7500 7500
Photo Capacity: None 20,000 25,000 25,000
Video Support: None None Yes Yes
Firewire: Sync & Charge Sync & Charge Charge Only Charge Only
Battery Life†: 12 Hours 15 Hours 14 Hours 14 Hours
Model Number: M9787LL/A MA127LL/A MA452LL/A MA664LL/A
Original Price: US$349 US$329 US$329 US$279

†This is the estimated battery life for music playback as provided by Apple.

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