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iPod Q&A - Updated November 21, 2011

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What are the Apple order numbers for every iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPod shuffle?

Apple typically uses a different order number for each iPod revision, color, and capacity. lists iPod, iPhone and iPad models by Order Number as well as Model Number, EMC Number, Model Identifier, and Apple Subfamily as part of the By Identifier section of the site. You also can lookup a specific iPod model by identifier courtesy of's Ultimate iLookup feature.

However, for your convenience, iPod Order Numbers also are listed below:

iPod Name

Apple Order Number

iPod (Original/Scroll)

M8513LL/A (5 GB Mac†)
M8709LL/A (10 GB Mac)

iPod 2nd Gen (Touch Wheel)

M8513LL/B (5 GB Mac†)
M8697LL/A (5 GB Win†)
M8737LL/A (10 GB Mac)
M8740LL/A (10 GB Win)
M8738LL/A (20 GB Mac)
M8741LL/A (20 GB Win)

iPod 3rd Gen (10/15/30)

M8976LL/A (10 GB)
M8946LL/A (15 GB)
M8948LL/A (30 GB)

iPod 3r Gen (10/20/40)

M8976LL/A (10 GB)
M9244LL/A (20 GB)
M9245LL/A (40 GB)

iPod 3rd Gen (15/20/40)

M9460LL/A (15 GB)
M9244LL/A (20 GB)
M9245LL/A (40 GB)

iPod 4th Gen (ClickWheel)

M9282LL/A (20 GB)
M9268LL/A (40 GB)

iPod U2 Edition (4th Gen)

M9787LL/A (20 GB)

iPod photo (30)

M9829LL/A (30 GB)

iPod photo (40/60)

M9585LL/A (40 GB)
M9586LL/A (60 GB Rev. 1†)
M9830LL/A (60 GB Rev. 2†)

iPod Color Display

MA079LL/A (20 GB)
M9830LL/A (60 GB†)

iPod U2 Edition (Color)

MA127LL/A (20 GB)

iPod 5th Gen (with Video)

MA002LL/A (30 GB White)
MA146LL/A (30 GB Black)
MA003LL/A (60 GB White)
MA147LL/A (60 GB Black)

iPod U2 Edition 5th Gen

MA452LL/A (30 GB)

iPod 5th Gen - Enhanced

MA444LL/A (30 GB White)
MA446LL/A (30 GB Black)
MA448LL/A (80 GB White)
MA450LL/A (80 GB Black)

iPod U2 5th Gen Enhanced

MA664LL/A (30 GB)

iPod classic (6th Gen)

MB029LL/A (80 GB Silver)
MB147LL/A (80 GB Black)
MB145LL/A (160 GB Silver) MB150LL/A (160 GB Black)

iPod classic (Late 2008)

MB562LL/A (120 GB Silver)
MB565LL/A (120 GB Black)
MC293LL/A (160 GB Silver)
MC297LL/A (160 GB Black)

iPod mini

M9160LL/A (4 GB Silver)
M9434LL/A (4 GB Green)
M9435LL/A (4 GB Pink)
M9436LL/A (4 GB Blue)
M9437LL/A (4 GB Gold)

iPod mini (2nd Gen)

M9800LL/A (4 GB Silver)
M9802LL/A (4 GB Blue)
M9804LL/A (4 GB Pink)
M9806LL/A (4 GB Green)

M9801LL/A (6 GB Silver)
M9803LL/A (6 GB Blue)
M9805LL/A (6 GB Pink)
M9807LL/A (6 GB Green)

iPod nano

MA350LL/A (1 GB White)
MA352LL/A (1 GB Black)

MA004LL/A (2 GB White)
MA099LL/A (2 GB Black)
MA005LL/A (4 GB White)
MA107LL/A (4 GB Black)

iPod nano 2nd Gen

MA477LL/A (2 GB Silver)

MA426LL/A (4 GB Silver)
MA428LL/A (4 GB Blue)
MA487LL/A (4 GB Green)
MA489LL/A (4 GB Pink)
MA497LL/A (8 GB Black)

iPod nano 2nd Gen (RED)

MA725LL/A (4 GB)
MA899LL/A (8 GB)

iPod nano (3rd Gen/Fat)

MA978LL/A (4 GB Silver)

MA980LL/A (8 GB Silver)
MB249LL/A (8 GB Blue)
MB253LL/A (8 GB Aqua)
MB261LL/A (8 GB Black)

iPod nano 4th Gen

MB598LL/A (8 GB Silver)
MB754LL/A (8 GB Black)
MB739LL/A (8 GB Purple)
MB732LL/A (8 GB Blue)
MB745LL/A (8 GB Green)
MB748LL/A (8 GB Yellow)
MB742LL/A (8 GB Orange)
MB735LL/A (8 GB Pink)

MB903LL/A (16 GB Silver)
MB918LL/A (16 GB Black)
MB909LL/A (16 GB Purple)
MB905LL/A (16 GB Blue)
MB913LL/A (16 GB Green)
MB915LL/A (16 GB Yellow)
MB911LL/A (16 GB Orange)
MB907LL/A (16 GB Pink)

iPod nano (5th Gen/Camera)

MC031LL/A (8 GB Black)
MC027LL/A (8 GB Silver)
MC037LL/A (8 GB Blue)
MC040LL/A (8 GB Green)
MC046LL/A (8 GB Orange)
MC050LL/A (8 GB Pink)
MC034LL/A (8 GB Purple)
MC043LL/A (8 GB Yellow)
MC049LL/A (8 GB Red)

MC062LL/A (16 GB Black)
MC060LL/A (16 GB Silver)
MC066LL/A (16 GB Blue)
MC068LL/A (16 GB Green)
MC072LL/A (16 GB Orange)
MC075LL/A (16 GB Pink)
MC064LL/A (16 GB Purple)
MC070LL/A (16 GB Yellow)
MC074LL/A (16 GB Red)

iPod nano (6th Gen)

MC525LL/A (8 GB Silver)
MC688LL/A (8 GB Graphite)
MC689LL/A (8 GB Blue)
MC690LL/A (8 GB Green)
MC691LL/A (8 GB Orange)
MC692LL/A (8 GB Pink)
MC693LL/A (8 GB Red)

MC526LL/A (16 GB Silver)
MC694LL/A (16 GB Graphite)
MC695LL/A (16 GB Blue)
MC696LL/A (16 GB Green)
MC697LL/A (16 GB Orange)
MC698LL/A (16 GB Pink)
MC699LL/A (16 GB Red)

iPod shuffle

M9724LL/A (512 MB)
M9725LL/A (1 GB)

iPod shuffle 2nd Gen (Silver)

MA564LL/A (1 GB)

iPod shuffle 2nd Gen (Colors)

MA953LL/A (1 GB Orange)
MA951LL/A (1 GB Green)
MA949LL/A (1 GB Blue)
MA947LL/A (1 GB Pink)
MA564LL/A (1 GB Silver)

iPod shuffle 2nd Gen (Late 2007)

MB233LL/A (1 GB Purple)
MB225LL/A (1 GB Silver)
MB227LL/A (1 GB Light Blue)
MB229LL/A (1 GB Light Green)

MB526LL/A (2 GB Purple)
MB518LL/A (2 GB Silver)
MB520LL/A (2 GB Light Blue)
MB522LL/A (2 GB Light Green)

iPod shuffle 2nd Gen (Late 2008)

MB225LL/A (1 GB Silver)
MB815LL/A (1 GB Blue)
MB813LL/A (1 GB Green)
MB811LL/A (1 GB Pink)

MB518LL/A (2 GB Silver)
MB683LL/A (2 GB Blue)
MB685LL/A (2 GB Green)
MB681LL/A (2 GB Pink)

iPod shuffle 3rd Gen

MB867LL/A (4 GB Silver)
MC164LL/A (4 GB Black)

iPod shuffle 3rd Gen (Colors)

MC306LL/A (2 GB Silver)
MC323LL/A (2 GB Black)
MC384LL/A (2 GB Blue)
MC381LL/A (2 GB Green)
MC387LL/A (2 GB Pink)

MC164LL/A (4 GB Black)
MB867LL/A (4 GB Silver)
MC328LL/A (4 GB Blue)
MC307LL/A (4 GB Green)
MC331LL/A (4 GB Pink)

iPod shuffle (4th Gen)

MC584LL/A (2 GB Silver)
MC751LL/A (2 GB Blue)
MC750LL/A (2 GB Green)
MC749LL/A (2 GB Orange)
MC585LL/A (2 GB Pink)

iPod touch

MA623LL/A (8 GB)
MA627LL/A (16 GB)

iPod touch 2nd Gen

MB528LL/A (8 GB)
MB531LL/A (16 GB)
MB533LL/A (32 GB)

iPod touch 3rd Gen

MC086LL/A (8 GB†)
MC008LL/A (32 GB)
MC011LL/A (64 GB)

iPod touch 4th Gen

MC540LL/A (8 GB)
MC544LL/A (32 GB)
MC547LL/A (64 GB)

iPod touch "4.5" Gen

MC540LL/A (8 GB Black)
MC544LL/A (32 GB Black)
MC547LL/A (64 GB Black)

MD057LL/A (8 GB White)
MD058LL/A (32 GB White)
MD059LL/A (64 GB White)

†Please refer to the appropriate specs page for the minutia regarding these order numbers.

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