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MacOS 9/Classic Support Q&A - Updated October 27, 2007

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Which are the last Macs capable of running MacOS 9/Classic applications?

Unfortunately for some whom have been Mac users since the beginning of the Macintosh, Apple does not support the MacOS 9/Classic environment on any of the Intel-based Macs or even on PowerPC-based Macs starting with MacOS X 10.5 "Leopard". Nevertheless, you also may be interested in reading "Are there any third-party programs to run MacOS 9/Classic applications on Intel Macs?"

The last Macs capable of running MacOS 9/Classic applications within the "Classic Environment" -- provided by MacOS X 10.4.11 "Tiger" and earlier -- are the last models in the Power Macintosh G5, iMac G5, eMac, Mac mini G4, iBook, and PowerBook G4 series. These systems cannot run MacOS 9/Classic applications if running MacOS X 10.5 "Leopard" or later.

These include the following Macs:

Power Macintosh G5

Power Macintosh G5 Dual Core (2.0)
Power Macintosh G5 Dual Core (2.3)
Power Macintosh G5 "Quad Core" (2.5)

iMac G5

iMac G5/1.9 17-Inch (iSight)
iMac G5/2.1 20-Inch (iSight)


eMac G4/1.42 (2005)

Mac mini G4

Mac mini G4/1.25
Mac mini G4/1.42
Mac mini G4/1.5


iBook G4/1.33 12-Inch (Mid-2005 - Opaque)
iBook G4/1.42 14-Inch (Mid-2005 - Opaque)

PowerBook G4

PowerBook G4/1.5 12-Inch (Al)
PowerBook G4/1.67 15-Inch (DLSD/HR - Al)
PowerBook G4/1.67 17-Inch (DLSD/HR - Al)

Shortly after the release of the MacBook "Core 2 Duo" models, on or around November 8, 2006, Apple quietly stopped selling the iBook G4/1.33 12-Inch (Mid-2005 - Opaque) and iBook G4/1.42 14-Inch (Mid-2005 - Opaque), which were the last models available new for education.

For a rundown of the last systems capable of booting directly in MacOS 9, please refer to "What is the fastest Mac capable of booting into MacOS 9? Which are the last Macs capable of booting into MacOS 9?" You also might like to read "Are any Macs capable of booting into both MacOS X 10.5 "Leopard" and MacOS 9?"

For complete MacOS 9/Classic compatiblity of all PowerPC G3 and later PowerPC-based Macs, please refer to the MacOS 9/Classic Support Capability listing.

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