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As you may know, -- established in 1996 -- is the complete guide to every Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and more.

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The EveryMac webapp has much of the same content and functionality as the website, but has been carefully designed for the touch sensitive screens of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as well as Android and Kindle Fire mobile and tablet devices.

iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, and iOS 10 all are supported with current information as are Android and Kindle Fire mobiles and tablets running recent versions of the Android operating system.

As all versions of the EveryMac app are completely web-powered, independent, and uncensored, you can be assured that the content is current -- with automatic updates in the background on a regular basis -- as well as comprehensive and objective.

EveryMac App Installation Instructions

To install the EveryMac app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 5 or later, view the below link from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad itself, and follow the "Add to Home Screen" instructions:

Launch the EveryMac App!

To install the EveryMac app on your standard Android device or Kindle Fire mobile or tablet, visit the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore, respectively.

EveryMac App Features

Regardless of device or platform, major EveryMac app features include:

  • Browse Macs by series, year, processor, and more.
  • Lookup Macs by model number, serial number and other identifiers.
  • Filter Macs on category screens by name to save time.
  • Filter user specified words on Mac specs screens to quickly find precise details.
  • Compare specs for multiple systems or devices side-by-side.
  • Save lists of your Macs and Apple devices with the "My Cloud" function.

EveryMac App Screenshots & System Requirements

For screenshots -- as well as additional information and system requirements -- please refer to the details pages for each device:

What are you waiting for? Launch the EveryMac app from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 5 or later and follow the "Add to Home Screen" instructions.

Please tell your Mac-using, iPod-wearing, iPhone-packing, and iPad-toting friends about the EveryMac app. Thank you.

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