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Apple TV Q&A - Updated December 2, 2015

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What are all the differences between the Apple TV 2nd Gen and Apple TV 3rd Gen? How many of these models are there? Is one of these older models still worth considering?

Please note that the Apple TV 2nd Gen has been discontinued, but the Apple TV 3rd Gen remains available new from Apple. This Q&A has been updated to cover the latest models.

There is one Apple TV 2nd Gen and two different Apple TV 3rd Gen models. At the time the first Apple TV 3rd Gen model initially was released, the main difference was that it supported 1080p video rather than just 720p video like its predecessor.

However, since that time, software differences also have emerged, which make detailed comparison particularly worthwhile. Identification differences also are very important.

External & Connectivity Differences

Externally, the Apple TV 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen models all look identical.

Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. (Apple TV 2nd & 3rd Gen)

All models use a tiny 3.9 inch by 3.9 inch by 0.9 inch black case that resembles a hockey puck and are bundled with the same aluminum Apple Remote.

All models have an optical audio out port, an HDMI port, a 10/100Base-T Ethernet port, a Micro-USB port, and support 802.11a/b/g/n "AirPort Extreme" wireless networking. All models also support Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound via pass-through.

However, the Apple TV 3rd Gen models both support "Bluetooth discovery" of select devices if they are running Apple TV Software Update 6.1 or higher whereas the Apple TV 2nd Gen model does not.

If it is running Apple TV Software Update 7.0 or higher, the second Apple TV 3rd Gen model also supports AirPlay to stream content from a "Mac or iOS device directly to your Apple TV without connecting to your wireless network," whereas the first Apple TV 3rd Gen model does not.

Identification Differences

As the cases are identical, the Apple TV 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen models cannot be externally differentiated by appearance, but they can be easily identified by Model Number and EMC Number, both of which are provided in tiny type toward the bottom of the underside of each device:

Apple TV


Model No.


2nd Gen

2nd Gen



3rd Gen, 2012

3rd Gen



3rd Gen, 2013

3rd Gen


2633's Ultimate Lookup feature -- as well as the EveryMac app -- also can uniquely identify these devices by their Serial Numbers, and this is another method that can be used to find the precise model.

Internal Differences

Apple provides only minimal technical information regarding any Apple TV model. Specifically, Apple reveals that the Apple TV 2nd Gen is powered by an Apple A4 processor and the Apple TV 3rd Gen models are powered by an Apple A5 processor, both with a single processor core.

However, iFixit tore apart the 2nd Gen model and discovered that the Apple A4 processor has a 1 GHz clockspeed and that the device has 256 MB of onboard RAM and 8 GB of flash RAM to act as a buffer during streaming.

As first spotted by MacRumors, a curious member of the XBMC forums was the first to teardown the first 3rd Gen model (A1427) and determined that the Apple A5 processor also runs at 1 GHz and the device has a 8 GB flash RAM buffer, too, but it has 512 MB of onboard RAM. Interestingly, further analysis by Chipworks determined that this 32 nm Apple A5 (APL2498) processor actually has dual cores, but only one is activated or operational.

MacRumors likewise was first to disassemble the second 3rd Gen model (A1469), and reported that compared to the original 3rd Gen, it has a smaller 28 nm version of the Apple A5 processor (S5L8947), but otherwise has effectively identical hardware in terms of performance.

Software Differences

All of these Apple TV models run a modified version of the iOS, but are not capable of running standard iOS applications.

The Apple TV 2nd Gen first shipped with Apple TV 4.1 and cannot run versions of the operating system beyond Apple TV Software Update 6.2.1.

The Apple TV 3rd Gen first shipped with Apple TV 5.1 and both can run the latest version of the Apple TV Software Update, but only the second Apple TV 3rd Gen model (A1469) is capable of using AirPlay without connecting to a Wi-Fi network when running Apple TV Software Update 7.0 or higher.

It also is worth nothing that the Apple TV 2nd Gen is quite popular among the "jailbreak" community who want to run their own software hacks and tweaks whereas the Apple TV 3rd Gen has not attracted much interest in this respect. If you have used a quality jailbreak for the Apple TV 3rd Gen models, please share.

Comparison Chart

The major differences -- technical specs, video streaming, software, feature support, and identifiers -- are summarized below:

Apple TV 2nd Gen

Apple TV 3rd Gen
Processor Type: Apple A4 Apple A5
Processor Speed: 1 GHz (Variable) 1 GHz (Variable)
Standard RAM: 256 MB 512 MB
Flash Memory: 8 GB 8 GB
Video Support: 720p 1080p
USB Ports: 1 (Micro-USB) 1 (Micro-USB)
Display Ports: HDMI HDMI
Audio Ports: Optical Optical
5.1 Surround Sound: Yes Yes
Bluetooth: No Yes (4.0)
Original OS: Apple TV 4.1 Apple TV 5.1
Maximum OS: Apple TV 6.2.1 Current (7.x)
Apple Order No: MC572LL/A MD199LL/A
Apple Model No: A1378 A1427/A1469
EMC No: 2411 2528/2633
Original Price: US$99 US$99
Current Price: N/A US$69

* The A1469 Apple TV 3rd Gen model supports AirPlay if it is running Apple TV Software Update 7.0 or higher.

So, which one of these Apple TV models is best for my needs?

Just compared to one another, for those who want a simple "out of the box" experience to sling 1080p video around (and who are less interested or uninterested in the "apps" and fancy remote offered by the newer Apple TV 4th Gen), the current Apple TV 3rd Gen is the best option.

For those interested in saving a bit more money, an older Apple TV 3rd Gen (A1427) also is well worth consideration if you do not mind having to connect to a Wi-Fi network to use AirPlay and do not mind the possibility of a shorter support timeframe for software updates, as well.

Because of its popularity with the "jailbreak" community, the Apple TV 2nd Gen models tend to be more expensive on the used market than current ones, but likewise are the ideal option if you're the hacker type.

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