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Mac Clone Specs (Mac OS Compatibles)

From 1995-1998, Apple authorized other companies to manufacture and sell PowerPC-based Mac clones. Back then, was the only site to diligently track these licensed Mac clones and continues to provide complete specs below organized by manufacturer. Specs on early unlicensed Mac clones are available below, too.

If you want to build your own Mac clone today, may be of interest.

Also see: Mac Clones By Year, By Processor & By Case Type.

Early, Pre-Licensed Mac Clones (1987-1993)

Colby Systems (US)

Cutting Edge (US)

Dynamac (US)

NuTek (US)

Outbound (US)

RealTech (US)

Licensed PowerPC Mac Clones (1995-1998)

North America

APS Tech (US)

Assistive Tech (US)

Daystar Digital (US)

Hardware Research (US)

Mactell (US)

Mac Warehouse (US)

MacWorks (US)

Marathon (US)

Motorola (US)

Power Computing (US)

PowerTools (US)

Radius (US)

Umax (US)

Vertegri (CA)



Centralen Norrland (SE)

Centro HL (IT)

ComJet (DE)

Computer Warehouse (UK)

DynaTec (DE)

Gravis (DE)

Intl. Computer (FR)

MacWay (FR)

MaxxBoxx (DE)

Pios (Metabox) (DE)

PowerDome (DE)

RedBox (UK)

Shaye (UK)

Storm (DE)



Akia (JP)

Pioneer (JP)

PowerEx (TW)

Tatung (TW)

VisionPower (SG)


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