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Mac Release Dates - Mac & Mac Clone Specs By Year

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Complete technical specs on every Mac and Mac clone organized by the introduction year follow for your convenience.

To view each Mac released from 1984 to the present on a dynamic, interactive timeline, you also may find's Ultimate Mac Timeline useful.

For iPod, iPhone and iPad models, offers a separate By Year section as well as the Ultimate iTimeline.

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Apple Macs -- By Introduction Year

Original Mac1984 Macintosh XL1985 Mac Plus1986

Macintosh SE1987

Macintosh II1988

Macintosh IIci1989

Macintosh Classic1990 PowerBook 1001991 PowerBook Duo 2301992

Macintosh TV1993

Power Mac 61001994

PowerBook 53001995

Performa 64001996 PowerBook G31997 Original iMac1998

Original iBook1999

PowerBook G3 Pismo2000

Original PowerBook G42001

iMac G42002 Power Mac G52003 iMac G52004

Original Mac mini2005

Original MacBook2006

Aluminum iMac2007

Original MacBook Air2008 White Unibody MacBook2009 MacBook Air2010

Aluminum Mac mini2011

Retina MacBook Pro2012

Cylinder Mac Pro2013

Tapered Edge iMac2014 Retina MacBook2015 Retina MacBook2016 also provides specs on all Macs By Series, Processor and Case Type. Specs on G3 and later Macs additionally are listed By Capability and Identifier.

Mac Clones -- By Introduction Year

Dynamac1987 Dynamac EL1988 WalkMac1990




PowerComputing Power1995 Pioneer MPC1996 Assistive Tech Freestyle1997

MacWorks Millennium1998 lists Mac clones By Manufacturer, Processor and Case Type, too.

Please note that the thumbnail images merely show one of the more notable Macs or Mac clones released in a given year. Other models often were unveiled also.

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